Renting a residential property may look easy, right?

Because it is almost similar to buying a house!

You check out different properties, choose one, and give your offer, sign a contract after negotiating, do a walkthrough, pay the agreed-upon money, and finally you are given the keys to move in.

Well, You might have been suggested by a friend to involve a realtor to help you find a rental. Perhaps you are wondering why you need a realtor, this is an easy job and you can manage it yourself with a few clicks.

But hey, no!

If you are ready to move into your next rental, then you should hire a real estate agent to find an apartment for you. 

Some of the benefits of using a realtor

  1. Save yourself from possible scams. Yes, scams happen mostly when people try to rent a home all by themselves without hiring a realtor. One of the biggest benefits of having a realtor by your side is the person can verify for you if the property is legit for rent.

    You may think that you can differentiate a scammer easily, but that’s not the case. Scammers are getting sophisticated and you won’t be able to distinguish them if you are not a pro.  

    Hiring a realtor will ensure that you and your family are not scammed. 

  2. Real estate experts are good at negotiation skills. Whether you have a pet or a bad credit or you want to pay less rent or less down payment, the landlord might not always be willing to agree to your conditions.

    A real estate expert knows how to convince a landlord and help you negotiate the best deal.

  3. Renting a house through a realtor is a breeze because they should be able to answer all your questions that you may have regarding the property. Even if they do not have an immediate answer, they can help you to find the answer before you pay the rent.

  4. A realtor is an expert in dealing with real estate matters. To navigate the formalities smoothly with the landlord, it would be a good idea to hire a professional realtor. 

  5. When you hire a realtor, it’s usually free on you while the realtor gets paid by the landlords. This means that the realtor works for you but gets paid by the landlord. It also means that you can have a great relationship with the realtor since the person is non-commissioned. 

  6. It’s a win-win situation for all. While the landlord finds the tenant, you find the best property in the best location. The realtor will make sure that you find the right home so that he/she can earn the commission.

  7. You need to have good credit when you are looking to lease an apartment just like you need a good credit score while buying a house. To avoid later hassle, landlords are getting pickier these days and they ensure that the person they lease out their properties to has a good credit score. They may even send out a letter to your employer asking for permission to access your salary details, credit card details, your behavior with the last two tenants, etc.

    So, in short, if you have bad credit it is likely that your application will get rejected.

    Having a realtor to work for you comes in handy is such a scenario. They are experts in negotiating such cases and can help you explain your case to the landlord why you would be a better credit risk candidate than what’s indicated in your credit report. 

How do realtors get paid for rentals?

Realtors usually get paid on a commission basis. The listing broker and buyer’s agent split the earnings. 

If you’re looking for your next rental then hire a realtor from a commercial real estate firm in Austin. Avail tenant representation service for a hassle-free rental experience. GW Partners are professional, have been in the real estate business for many years now, and can help you find the best deal in your preferred Texas location.


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