Are you someone who is planning a new construction project? And maybe tempted to manage on your own without any professional help? Well if that’s the case, then read this blog and get complete insights on why you should avail construction management services from professionals.

But before we delve into detail let us first understand,

What a construction management service is?

Construction Management is a professional service hired by the project owner to effectively monitor a construction project from the beginning until it ends. It is generally considered as a foundation for all construction projects and a key to its success.

The primary aim of construction management services is to control and manage the project cost, quality and progress. And is solely responsible for on-time delivery of the project to the customer. It is all the more perplexing as it requires comprehensive knowledge in areas like business, law, budgeting, and mediation.

According to an analysis performed by IBIS World, the market revenue of the construction management services industry in the United States of America is $201.6 billion in 2020. The analysis also depicts that the market size in the USA has grown 7.0% per year on average between 2015 and 2020.

The success of a project depends on transparent and smooth communication between the construction manager and other agencies involved in the project. Moreover, construction projects at times need last-minute changes or on the spot decision. This is exactly why a skilled manager with the ability to take tough calls is necessary. In addition, they must also assure that the whole project adheres to the set construction plan, codes, and other rules.

Now let’s look at the duties and responsibilities of a construction manager.

In simple term, a construction manager is a mediator between the clients and agencies. And resolves problems to ensure the smooth progress of the entire project.

A report published by CMAA states that a construction manager has 120 duties and responsibilities while executing a building project. All of these 120 responsibilities are classified into the below-listed categories:

  • Determine the budget and perform cost assessments
  • Outline the work time schedule
  • ·Choose a perfect construction method for the project
  • Keep a close and sound relationship with the customers
  • Procurement of material required at site
  • Bargaining contract agreements with workers and other sub-contractors
  • Take care of the workers safety on site
  • Coordinate with various consultants associated with the project

The construction industry is growing at a fast pace. The statistic by the U.S Census Bureau states that the total value of construction in the year 2017 was $1.18 trillion. That’s an increase of $35.4 billion compared to the value last year. One of the important reasons behind this jump is the successful and smooth completion of projects. A result that is largely associated with hiring of construction management services. 

Read on to know why are construction management services important?

  • Leveraging the construction management services transforms the planning, designing, and execution processes into one which creates value and escalates progress. These services add regularity to the result of the project from the planning stage to the delivery of the building. 
  • Duties and responsibilities are crucial points in construction management services. A construction manager is hired before the design team. And is responsible for developing the construction budget, schedule that will be utilized to secure all financing, and procure appropriate and competitive design proposals. 
  • A construction management team protects the owners from project delay, conflicts and cost overrun by regularly conducting periodic audits. These audits can help in detecting frauds like contractors over billing, material over-charge practices and other such abnormalities. Audits can also help in verifying if the contractors practice in compliance with government requirements.
  • Digital technology is becoming a critical factor for successful project oversight and delivery. Hiring a construction management firm with high level expertise in digital technology can benefit the project in a long run.
  • The construction management services resolve common issues among the owner and the contractors. They are responsible to motivate the contractors to give quality work and ensure that right people do the right work at the right time to achieve both quality and success.
  • With construction management services, greater teamwork is built that ensures smooth completion of the entire project.
  • Another benefit of construction management services is staff flexibility. The construction manager can provide an owner with greater flexibility while dealing with income and relocation of workers.


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