When signing a lease for renting commercial properties the contract should state certain mandatory terms and conditions. And that must be fulfilled by both the tenant and the landlord. Involvement of both parties in maintaining the property well is essential. The maintenance responsibilities must be highlighted in the contract. And both the parties must be aware of their own set of duties. This can help in maintaining a healthy relationship and avoid any conflicts.

Before finalizing a commercial premise for leasing, the tenants must check to see if the building satisfies the construction norms as per the state and local guidelines. The premises must be completely assessed for safety. And should be free from hazards that may lead to the contamination of the environment.

Why do you need building maintenance service?

Besides many advantages of building maintenance, there is one more concern that property owners have. How can one retain tenants for a longer period?

The answer to this question is simple. Property owners can ensure this by regular maintenance checks minimizing the occurrence of problems. If problems keep recurring in rented commercial spaces it tends to affect the productivity levels of the tenants. If the landowners are diligent with their maintenance routines it would not give the tenant any chance of complaint. 

A lot of repair and maintenance work is needed in commercial properties. For this, a good rapport with the contractors who are the right people to do the job is a must. They should be able to solve the tenant’s grievance as soon as they get a call with remedial measures to solve the problem . It is an intimidating task to look at all the affairs by yourself. The best solution would be to empower a trusted building maintenance service providers to do the job for you.

We move on to the next level. 

Tips to keep your commercial properties in the best condition:

Several areas need a proper inspection to maintain commercial properties in top-notch condition. Only when property owners can provide the best services, can they retain and attract good business.

1) Periodic checks

Renting the property does not end the landlords job. Property owners need to either visit the property at regular intervals or hire a proficient property manager to do the job. Routine inspection saves undesirable expenses that may arise due to last-minute emergencies. And also plays a crucial role in alleviating the lifespan of the asset.

There are a plethora of things that need a check; some may be a part of the responsibility assigned to the tenants. Not all tenants tend to be prompt when it comes to fulfilling their duties. So it is important to mention all legalities in the leasing contract before you sign to avoid any disputes. Another advantage of the routine visits is to verify if the maintenance tasks assigned to the tenant are accomplished. This helps in safeguarding your investment and prevents you from being blamed for any damage.

  • What comes under the category of routine maintenance?

Like residential properties, commercial properties need certain maintenance on a periodical basis. This will avoid any hazard to both life and property and ensure that the property is well preserved. It may also bring to notice certain small problems; thus, saving you from some huge cost that you have to incur for repairs. A few things that may come under this category are:

  • Changing air filters every month.
  • Quarterly servicing of HVAC units.
  • Landscaping every week to enhance the exterior beauty
  • Monthly checks for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Checking fire control systems for the safety of property and tenant.
  • Any chemicals used for the business process must be stored properly
  • Checking batteries used in various equipments for replacement

2. Timely repairs

In case of any damage or breakdown, it is imperative to schedule repairs regularly. The respective staff concerned for the repairs should visit the property at the scheduled time. Some repairs that need to be reviewed are:

  • The foundation must be checked time and again to assess the condition of the property.
  • Regular inspection of roof-tops; this includes checking if there is any leakage and replacing of missing shingles

Despite regular checks sometimes certain conditions may arise which will have to be addressed by the landlord or tenant based on the conditions in the lease. Certain weather changes, natural or manmade calamities would certainly have an impact on commercial properties. Addressing these as soon as possible should be a priority to get the business running again and reduce the repair costs. But, the final aim of both parties must be to protect any damage to the property and ensure safety.

3. Changes to the architectural structure

Sometimes tenants may want to construct or remodel the existing property to accommodate their business. Certain norms and standards must be followed by the tenant. This would need a lot of legalities, experience, and thorough planning to ensure that no harm is done to the building structure and the owner’s asset is not at stake.

Let us now shed some light on the duties of tenants in safeguarding property and maintaining it well.

  • It is not advisable to do any major structural modification without the consent of the owner. Confirm before remodelling.
  • Since it is someone else’s premise that you are using, you need to be careful with the property.
  • Owners many times receive complaints from neighbors regarding tenant’s behavior that may be unreasonable. It is important to work amicably without causing hindrance to others.
  • The owner must receive the premise in the same condition it was rented. Besides the walls and roof, any additional accessories or appliances such as lights, carpets, and fixtures must be maintained in top-notch condition. Sometimes the tenants may have to replace certain broken windows or damaged carpets when they vacate the premise, if damaged. Property owners may at times request the tenants to replace air filters or fixtures. The property must be kept clean at all times to ward off pests and avoid complaints.
  • If there are any conditions such as bursting or rusting of the water heater, leaky pipes, or conking off any appliance mentioned in the lease the owner must be informed immediately to prevent any further damage. Even when you notice molds growing on the premise make sure to inform the owner. Any negligence on your part may lead to heavy loss for both as even you may have to bear the brunt of the damage caused.


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