Building Maintenance Service: Why is it important?

Leaking pipes. Overflowing garbage bins. Faulty wiring. Air conditioners that do not work.

These are a few of the basic scenarios we face in daily life. If you stay in an independent house, it makes sense to fix it for yourself. Or call a specialist for a quick fix.

But, what if you maintain several flats? Or if you maintain a gym, a couple of apartments, and a big garden?

These tiny fixes can add to become a big headache. For example, calling a plumber several times a week is not an answer. Scheduling the visits, talking to the owners, associated repairs, costs — utter chaos. It is not ideal for you, nor your peace of mind.

So, what is the solution?

Hiring professionals to maintain the building by performing diverse services. All their services come under the umbrella of building maintenance services.

What are building maintenance services?

Building maintenance encompasses several services that assist in making the building safe and healthy to live in. Also, these keep the building at its functional best. These services are not a one-time event. They are best practices that are made use of repetitively. 

They ensure the building reaches its full design life. 

To know more about how these services enhance the longevity of property, read here.

Importance of building maintenance services

These services seem to be ordinary day-to-day tasks. Are they so important? Read along.

  • Helps in building a positive outlook

A tenant or a client like when the building is being cared for. Regular maintenance services mean the building is as good as new. Tangible facets like paint, lawns, drainage, and others create the first impression. And as we know, this is very crucial while marketing the building.

So, having an aesthetic, yet functional building can help in building a positive outlook. This helps a ton during tenant visits and property inspections by external parties.

  • Safety

A poorly maintained building is a ticking bomb for the residents. It also builds the scope for existing tenants to bounce.

One of the major reasons behind the regular maintenance of buildings is the safety of the people living there. Oftentimes, minor chinks like faulty elevators or inadequate electric wiring can be detrimental to the occupants. So, building maintenance services to improve safety is a non-negotiable practice.

  • Sustainability

Your building is more than just bricks and mortars. It is a living environment for several people. Any infrastructural change or alteration affects all of them.

So, to improve the collective standard of living, your building needs to be more efficient. This can be done by either lowering wastes or improving the utility of resources. Engaging regular services of waste segregation helps a lot. Also, adding solar-powered heaters and other appliances enhance efficacy. 

These are the three basic reasons why maintenance services are important. Well, there are a plethora of services. Knowing them briefly will assist you in making an informed decision.

What are the types of building maintenance services?

  • Daily repairs

These are the most common services needed to maintain a building. This includes lawn mowing, lift maintenance, minor electrical repairs, etc. These services seem insignificant but are of utmost necessity. The performance of each of these services ensures the smooth functioning of daily life.

  • Plumbing, drainage, and other water repairs

Not-so-common but these issues can derail the day-to-day activities by leaps and bounds. Waterwork is one of the profound facets of a building. The requirement for utmost care at regular intervals is a no-brainer. 

Drainage issues are very critical. Not only do they hamper normal life, but they also can be a very tedious task to rectify.

  • Annual repairs

These services include painting, distempering, and others. These are carried out annually to improve the building’s health and aesthetics. These help in maintaining the building, while also keeping the building attractive to potential prospects.

  • Special repairs

Replacing the old drainage pipes. This is a service that cannot be planned or scheduled. Nor is it as regular as daily service. Hence, these services that are important, but are not regularly needed come under special repairs.

  • Preventive maintenance

This is a type of maintenance service that encompasses all activities that are undertaken to prevent a certain tragedy. This includes routine audits of the building’s infrastructure. Rather than reacting to a tragedy, this process helps in identifying and mitigating risks. 

Fungal decay, clogging, flooding are some risks that are taken care of.

Benefits of regular building maintenance services

  • Saves money and efforts

By scheduling maintenance services, your building is often at its best health. Therefore, the chances of an unknown tragedy are negligible. Hiring a building maintenance service provider is economical in the longer run. You save the efforts of finding specialists, negotiating the prices, and getting the job done.

  • Increases property value

In the case of leasing, the value of the property is affected by its appearance. So, monitoring the building’s health and improving the way it looks is a constant ask. Leasing needs more than just appearance. To market property for lease it needs proper maintenance.

During resale, appearance increases the building’s value by a mile. This effectively translates to more money. This shall always outweigh the costs incurred to better the appearance.

  • Gives you leverage

Several litigations are filed based on inadequate safety in buildings. And surprisingly, the owner’s hands are tied most of the time. But, when you hire a professional building maintenance service provider, they act as proof.

With tangible records of work done, it gives you leverage during any legal dispute. 

These are three major benefits of having regular maintenance services. However, the expenses seem to be on the higher side. So, let us answer this — How to reduce the costs of building maintenance services

  • Planning
  • Automate preventive maintenance
  • Schedule timely inspections
  • Use software to assess the health of the building in real-time.

All these and effective outsourcing can help you in maintaining building health at an affordable rate. GW Partners of Texas are the experts at this. Contact them and let your building have a healthy future.


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