4 Best Reasons Why Hiring a Commercial Property Management Company is Your Best Bet

The commercial real estate industry in Austin is booming. The total annual sales increased by an overwhelming 24.7%. Also, there is reduced inventory and wait time, which means increased demand.

Furthermore, owning commercial real estate in Austin is great.

There is no denying this fact. It provides more than just the joy of owning a property.

What does it mean for you?

  • Higher-income

Commercial properties yield consistent income. In comparison with other investment instruments, the volatility is very low. You can expect a higher income with less fluctuation.

  • Secure investment

Most of the industrial properties are secured by leases. This reduces the risk and guarantees cash inflow.

  • Appreciation of assets

Commercial real estate benefits of excellent appreciation. You can leverage the equity for humongous capital gains. Interest and principal are included in every rental payment. So, you can enjoy both capital appreciation and debt reduction.

  • Tax benefits

Owning commercial real estate in Austin has huge tax benefits. Mortgage and rental interest, coupled with deductions in depreciation costs are allowed. These save a large portion of capital investment.

These are advantages you can avail while owning commercial properties. But, not everyone who owns the property, benefits the same way. Not every property owner is benefiting from the booming market.


Because of the lack of guidance. And the limited resources to rely on is hampering the efforts. They reduce the potential of benefits by leaps and bounds.

At this juncture, one question is inevitable.

How do you reap all the benefits of owning commercial properties?

Firstly, note that your local real estate agent is not the answer.

To maximize the benefits, full service commercial real estate companies who offer property management services are the way to go. They act as a catalyst for property owners to enjoy their investments. Moving along, read why these companies are your best choice.

  • Customary Legal headaches

Owning a commercial property equates to facing legal hurdles. Yet, you need not settle on this myth.

The fact is, legal hurdles can be bypassed with ease. Experts in real estate law are proficient at these. They handle all the legal aspects of your transactions.

From handling evictions to lease negotiations, they protect your interests at all times. Real estate law varies by state and municipality. Hence, professional legal aid is ineluctably advised.

The legal implications of commercial properties are more important than usually perceived.

The following are a few areas where legal aid is imperative

  • Compliance with local laws and regulations,
  • Drafting of legal papers,
  • Tenant screening,
  • Unit inspections,
  • Signing and terminating leases,
  • Handling security deposits and rent collection,
  • Tenant eviction,
  • Lease negotiation and renewal

Ideally, all commercial property management services include legal aid. These may seem like excess costs. But, in comparison with losing a lawsuit, expert advice cost a fraction of it.

  • Shorter vacancies

The utility of your commercial property is zero if it is vacant. Long periods of vacancy also means no cash in-flow. This furthers into debt concerns and other financial problems.

To cut long-term vacancies, there are certain processes to be followed.

  • Preparation of the property
  • Drafting of documents
  • Proper marketing
  • Screening of tenants

Sounds simple? Yes.

Contrarily, this process is the most comprehensive. From setting the rental rates to screening tenants. Companies streamline this process, at scale. This ensures time-effectiveness and reduced costs.

So, how do commercial property management services take place?

Experts audit your property and carry out a detailed study. This is adjusted with market prices, to settle on a rental rate. Moving on, the legal experts draft the documents with utmost scrutiny.

Then, your property is marketed. Just a ‘to-let’ board does not suffice in today’s world. Companies are adept at newer marketing measures.

Furthermore, tenants are screened. Companies run a reliable and verified screening process. This escalates from basic background checks to verifying credit reports.

By streamlining this process, vacancy times are shortened by a great margin.

  • Long-term tenants; Quality retention

Above, we understood how comprehensive the process of finding a tenant is. In a similar vein, it is effort and time extensive. So, once you find a client, retaining them must be your top priority. This also saves repainting, refurbishing, and other premium costs.

Property management companies are experts at retaining tenants. They always own a tested and reliable tenant retention policy. This often is a fool-proof process of catering to the tenants’ needs.

  • Efficient tracking of lease dates,
  • Direct communication,
  • Collating attractive lease offerings,
  • Resolving vacancy issues,
  • Lease incentives

These are certain measures that build up a trustworthy tenant retention policy. Understand that vacancies are inevitable. Yet, these experts can delay the process for a substantial time

Having a retention policy also minimizes tenant turnover costs.

In the case of leasing, your best bet would be to hire commercial project leasing brokers. They provide seamless leasing services.

  • Rent Collection

Property management services are perceived to be complicated. But, they include as basic as rent collection. This reduces the efforts required to be put in by both the tenants and owners.

Nowadays, companies invest time in conveying all the clauses in the agreement. Making them understand the intricate details of the rental deed is vital.

Rental payment delays are common. More common are the owner’s unwillingness to be the bad person. Many owners tend to avoid a direct altercation with the tenants.

However, companies remove the emotional aspect behind the rental transactions. They act as the buffer between the two parties. Having documents and legal experts in place, they also take care of eviction.

These are 4 major benefits of hiring a commercial project management company. Apart from these, other benefits ensure this measure is your best investment.

  • Reduced costs,
  • Less stress,
  • More independence,
  • No time constraints,
  • Reliable services,
  • Improved tax services etc.

Do you want to avail all of these services in Austin?

GW Partners is your all-inclusive solution. With us, your commercial property is in the best hands. Time-tested solutions at the best prices is what we offer.

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